Houston Podiatrist Helps Beat Bunion Blues

Houston podiatrist treats painful bunionsBunions are a common condition often seen by a podiatrist. While both men and women can develop bunions, they are 9 times more common in women. While high heeled shoes are often blamed, they are not the primary reason a bunion is formed. A bunion, which is a painful bump on the side of your foot, is caused due to a mechanical imbalance that causes your metatarsal bone to rotate and pushes the great toe to the second.


Caught early, there are ways to prevent bunions on your feet from worsening. Using a custom orthotic, even in a high heel, can balance your feet and remove the deforming forces that makes a bunion worse. As a bunion surgeon in Houston, I generally recommend bunion surgery only when the bunion on your foot is causing pain. That said, everyone is different and you should get it checked to learn the best course of treatment.


If you are noticing a bump on the side of your great toe joint, it could be a bunion. Don't wait! Contact Tanglewood Foot Specialist for an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider. Dr. Schneider will assess your condition and make the right recommendation specific for your condition.