Can Walking Power Your iPhone? Soon it May!

There is nothing worse than being out and about only to find that your phone is giving you the dreaded low battery warning. If you're lucky, you'll find a place to plug in and charge up. A company with an innovative product has a different idea.

SolePower is a shoe insole that harvests the energy produced by walking and running into a rechargable battery pack. The inventors estimate that an iPhone can be fully charged with walking for 2.5 to 5 miles. Considering that the average American adult walks about 2 miles a day, just daily living is all you need.

The applications of this technology are limitless...from a businessman on a trade show floor to a hiker needing to power his GPS. Think about the power outages that we had in Houston after Hurricane Ike...we wouldn't need to hover over outlets in the mall anymore! Of course the impact on developing nations would be huge, since their phones are a lifeline to the outside world. And they say that the military carries 20 lbs of batteries in the field. Imagine how this can help cut that down!

The idea for SolePower was imagined by students at Carnegie Mellon University who started researching this for lights embedded in shoes for safety purposes. They realized that the application could be much wider than that and SolePower was formed.

SolePower is attempting to raise funds using Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform, to continue the development of this product. They say that they have consulted with local podiatrists to ensure the insole is properly made to support the foot. I look forward to watching the development of SolePower as they bring their product to market.