New Technology to Manage Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy on the Horizon

I am a fan of technology. I enjoy using new technology in both my personal and professional lives. As a podiatrist in Houston, TX, who treats many patients suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Many of these patients have a profound numbness in their feet and ankles which puts them at significant risk for developing diabetic foot ulcers which can lead to infection and amputation.


Recognizing the importance of this, as well as seeing the devestation of diabetic foot complications firsthand in her plastic surgery residency, Dr. Breanne Everett founded Orpyx, Inc. Their first two technologies in development are both geared to help the diabetic patient with peripheral neuropathy. The first, SurroSense Rx, is an insole that detects areas of high pressure. When excess pressure is detected, a signal is sent to a wristwatch receiver. The other technology that is being developed, Surrogait Rx, is a sensory substitution modality. Pressures from sensitive insoles will send impulses to a device worn on the lower back. This way, the patient with profound diabetic neuropathy will be able to "feel" the pressures in their feet in an alternative way.


Both of these products will significantly improve the quality of life of patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. They will allow better self monitoring of the diabetic foot that lacks sensation, prevent diabetic foot ulcers from forming, and reduce the number of amputation.


To follow the continued innovation as Dr. Everett and her team brings the Orpyx products to market, follow their company on Twitter at @orpyxinc. If you are suffering with Diabetic peripheral neuropathy in Houston, contact Dr. Andrew Schneider to schedule an immediate appointment.