2 Shocking Revelations from Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons!

Jim Parsons walks with a boot and cane after breaking a bone in his footWhen Jim Parsons stepped out onto the Live With Kelly and Ryan stage on Tuesday, he had two surprising bits of information to reveal: first, that his hit show The Big Bang Theory may see end after Season 12 and second, as he put it, that he’s “broken.”

While I’ll leave his first revelation to be dissected by those who are more knowledgeable about all things television, let’s examine his second bit of info.

The brokenness to which Parsons was referring (and for which he was wearing a walking boot) was a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone in his foot, the long bone on the outside of his foot (otherwise known as a Jones fracture, a common injury among athletes.) He also tore a ligament in his ankle.

Apparently, the injury occurred while Parsons was moonlighting as a stage star in his Broadway show The Boys in the Band.  About two weeks ago, he says, “"I was stepping down off a step for curtain call of our show on a Saturday matinee and I was suddenly on the ground. I wasn't in pain, but my body was like, 'Uh oh' and it wouldn't let me step on it. I was hopping."

Although the star has about 6 more weeks before his injury is completely healed, he’s already returned to his play, albeit in a special shoe approved by his doctor. As Parsons says, “People have done it and I’m gonna goddamn well find my way around this one way or the other. It’s just another interesting hurdle, and hopefully the audience feels this way too — that it’s part of the joy of live theater that you can’t get anywhere else.”

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