4 Reasons Why Women Have the Worst Foot Pain

Women are more susceptible to foot pain than men--but making smart choices can still prevent discomfort As if modern women don’t have enough to deal with these days like pay-inequality and that ever-present glass ceiling, they’re also more susceptible to foot pain than men. Here’s why:

High Heels
In this instance, some women are bringing the pain on themselves by wearing stilettos! Not only do high heels unnaturally change the shape of your foot, they also alter the way you walk, making you more off-balance and susceptible to injury.

More Problems with Weight
Men have more muscle than women, and muscle burns more calories than fat, making it easier for men to lose weight. Extra weight puts extra pressure on your toes, feet and ankles, and also increases your risk of developing Type II diabetes.

Pregnancy comes with weight gain, so it automatically increases the risk of foot pain (see point above.) But pregnancy also takes another toll on women’s feet: swollen feet due to an increase in overall blood flow. Fortunately, these risk factors typically disappear after the birth of your child, and many of the symptoms can be managed with rest, elevation and good supportive footwear. Pregnant women may also want to consider the use of an orthotic insert.

Body Structure
From the moment of birth, a woman’s genetic structure puts her at a greater risk for foot pain than does a man’s. Females generally have less cartilage and lower bone and joint volume in the ankle than men, meaning the entire region is more vulnerable to injury.

With the exception of genetics, many of these risk factors can be avoided: maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and stay wise with your footwear if you want to shatter the foot-pain glass ceiling. Want more content on this and other blog posts? Check out our BRAND NEW Instagram account for exclusive pics, tips and more!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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