Common Treadmill Injuries And How To Treat Them

Injuries are a part of sports and athletic pursuits. When you are pushing your body to the limit, you have to know that you will get hurt from time to time. However, many common injuries can be treated without a visit to the doctor, and knowing how doing this on your own can help you get back on the field, the court, or even the treadmill very quickly.

After you find the right treadmill to use in your home, you should get a few items, such as athletic tape and ice packs that can be used in treating your injuries. Do not wait to get the right supplies until you are already hurt. You need to have them on hand before anything has gone wrong.

A Rolled Ankle

Rolling your ankle is not quite the same as spraining your ankle. When you roll it, it just starts to turn over and you feel a sharp pain, but you do not push it the whole way. The best tactic for treating a rolled ankle is just to use an ice pack. It should be fine on its own in a few days, if not the next day.

A Sprained Ankle

Spraining your ankle is slightly more severe, especially if you get a high ankle sprain, and it happens when you twist your foot around significantly. Icing can be helpful. You will also want to tape your ankle for at least a week, and you need to stay off of it for two to three weeks so that it can heal. Visit your podiatrist to make sure it heals properly.

A Pulled Muscle

You could also pull a muscle in your calf or your thigh if you do not stretch before working out. The best way to treat a pulled calf muscle is to stretch it out and massage it. You also need to take some time off from running because it is very easy to pull it again if it is not fully healed.

Scrapes and Cuts

If you actually fall off of the treadmill, you could cut or scrape your arm. If it is not serious, just wash it out and apply antibiotic cream. You can then bandage the cut and get back to your run.


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Jack Holland began running when he was in school, and he has experienced and treated many injuries. By treating each injury quickly, he has been able to avoid any major setbacks.

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This is very useful! I injured myself on my treadmill last month. I went to my doctor, he said that if I were to keep ignoring it it would reoccur. He suggested I get a blood flow stimulation wrap, very useful! I highly recommend one for anyone with an ankle injury!! Here's the link he gave me. Good luck, hope this helps!
by Boris December 6, 2012 at 11:04 AM
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