Foot Craft Friday: Dino Feet!

The flat-footed dinosaur version of this kids' foot craft project This week’s project is interesting because it highlights one of the most common issues that concerns parents about their children’s feet: they’re flat!

Until about the age of two, it is a normal part of development for a child to be flat-footed, but after that, an arch should begin to emerge (your child may be as old as six before he or she has a truly visible arch.) If your child’s foot stays flat, he or she may begin to experience foot pain, have troubles finding well-fitted shoes and may even develop arthritis in certain circumstances, meaning a persistent flat foot warrants a visit to your Houston children’s podiatrist.

Why do I bring this up? Well, depending on whether or not your child’s foot has a visible arch, this week’s project from Crafty Morning will either look like an alligator (arched feet) or a dinosaur (flat feet.) Either way, the directions are the same. Hope you enjoy! 

Alligator or Dinosaur Foot Craft


  • Green paint
  • Black Marker
  • Googly eye



  1. Start by painting your child’s foot with green paint and have them stamp it on a piece of white paper diagonally. Paint the other foot and have them place it down so it looks like a sideways “V.”
  2. Stick on a googly eye while the paint is still wet so it stays (If you’re making a dinosaur, opt for a larger eye.) Once it dries, grab a black marker and draw some sharp teeth!


Have concerns about your child’s arch development or other foot issues? Give Dr. Andrew Schneider a call and schedule a consultation today!

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