Dr. Andrew Schneider

Dr. Andrew Schneider

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  • 1011 Augusta Drive #202 Houston, Texas 77057
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Who Am I?

I’m Dr. Andrew Schneider, a podiatrist in Houston, TX and Medical Director of Tanglewood Foot Specialists. I’ve been treating your friends and neighbors for over 20 years. I am the proud father of three native Houstonians and married to the love of my life, Mirit.

I am active in my professional organizations. I am the vice president of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management. I speak internationally on topic related to foot and ankle health, practice management, and physician marketing. I have authored many articles for my industry publications. I have also co-authored a book called “Social Media for the Healthcare Profession.” I also give back to the community by volunteering. I have volunteered at the San Jose Clinic for twenty years.

What Do I Do?

I treat all forms of foot and ankle pain. Any condition that you might have that doesn’t seem right. I diagnose the issue using state of the art digital x-ray and ultrasound. I then work in partnership with you to develop the best treatment plan to get rid of your pain. I want to make sure you get back to doing the things you love most.

Where Do I Do It?

My practice, Tanglewood Foot Specialists, is located two miles west of the Galleria in the Tanglewood Professional Building. It is right next to Amegy Bank. There is ample free parking available, so you don’t have far to walk to get to the office.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

I became a podiatrist because I believe that no one should suffer with foot or ankle pain. Whether you’re running your first 5K or training for an Ironman triathlon, you should be able to rely on your feet carrying you every step of the way. All without pain.

I wasn’t able to run growing up. Fun runs were never fun for me. Even during college when I was a competitive swimmer, running made my feet and knees hurt. I didn’t realize that the loud cracking coming from my knees weren’t normal until I visited a podiatrist. That’s when I learned that I had very flat feet and tried my first pair of custom orthotics. My knees immediately stopped cracking and hurting. I was able to run for the first time without pain. Since then I’ve proudly completed half marathons.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I grew up in Fair Lawn, NJ but have lived in Houston for over 20 years
  • I was a competitive swimmer in high school and college
  • I was a lifeguard every summer and still miss it
  • I first met my wife Mirit when she lived in New York City
  • All three of our kids were born in Houston
  • I am a big fan of the Grateful Dead and travel all over to catch concerts
  • I am a huge Disney fan and have visited the theme parks countless times
  • Friends and acquaintances ask me for help in planning their Disney trips
  • I occasionally enjoy visiting Disneyworld by myself and volunteer to take photos of families so everyone can be in the picture
  • My first half-marathon was the Avengers Half Marathon in Disneyland
  • We adopted a rescue dog named Juju in May, 2020

Enough About Me, What About You?

Are you ready to work with me to solve your foot and ankle problems? Are you tired of being limited in what you can do because your foot pain is holding you back?

I’ve designed my website to answer many of the questions that you might have. Browse the articles, blogs, and FAQ’s to understand more about what’s bothering you. Then contact us to schedule an immediate appointment.

I accept most private health insurance and am a Medicare provider. I also have reasonable cash pricing if you don’t have insurance. To see if your insurance is accepted, or to get a pricing estimate, give our office a call.