This Foot Doctor in Houston Is Your First Step to a Pain-Free Life

It’s as simple as this…your feet shouldn’t hurt.

Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider is one of the three top rated podiatrists in HoustonThat’s our mission at Tanglewood Foot Specialists. To make sure you go through life unlimited by foot pain. We believe that unnecessary foot or ankle pain should not keep you from living your active life.

What is a Houston Podiatrist?

You may not know if a podiatrist is the right place for you to go for your foot and ankle needs. I’m here to tell you, that if you are having pain, you found the right place. As a podiatrist, I care for any foot or ankle problems you can think of. My youngest patient is under 1 and my oldest is over 100. No matter who you are, what you do, or how much pain you are in, I’ve seen it all. I invite you to come in for a consultation to discuss what the best treatment plan is for you.

Technology in the Forefront of Houston Podiatry

At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, I use technology to diagnose and treat your foot pain. Technology isn’t just to be flashy…it’s a vital tool to ensure you’re getting the best podiatry treatment in Houston. Our digital x-ray allows me to see your bones and joints in incredible resolution. Nothing can be missed! I also use diagnostic ultrasound to look at the ligaments and tendons in your feet. This helps me to check for inflammation and possible tears. This is all done during your regular visit in the office.

Enough About Me…Tell Me How Foot Pain is Slowing You Down

I treat every type of foot and ankle pain in my office. Whether you developed an ingrown toenail this week or have been suffering with heel pain for a year, I’m here to help. But you need to take the first step. Give the office a call at (713) 785-7881 and we’ll get you in for an immediate appointment. You can also request an appointment online.

Most importantly, by now you realize that the problem with your feet isn’t going away on its own. You’ve probably waited a while to see if it would. Take the next step by calling or requesting an appointment online so we can work as partners and get you out of pain.

I’m waiting for your call. I'm here to help.