Houston Podiatrist treats foot injuries from running including heel pain, achilles tendon pain and ball of foot painI know your run is the most important part of your day:

  • It's your YOU time
  • Your time to connect with friends
  • Your time for yourself
  • Your time away from your kids
  • Your time to think
  • Your time to listen to music or podcasts

Foot pain can take these things away from you. A foot injury doesn't just affect you physically. It takes a huge mental toll. Running is therapy. You need it to feel like yourself. I get it.

That's why my job is to keep my runners running. It's more than solving your foot pain. It's making sure that you are able to have the most important part of your day to yourself. The exercise you need to survive your work and family responsibilities. To keep you sane.

That's why you shouldn't wait to come into our Houston office get your foot pain checked. Come in for a comprehensive evaluation and get back to running.