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Houston women don't have to suffer with foot painDo you kick off your shoes under your desk at work or the table when out for dinner? Do you carry your shoes to the car after a night out? Have you considered that there can be a solution for your foot or ankle pain without abandoning your cute shoes? You've come to the right place!

Generally speaking, women in Houston love their shoes. Unfortunately, most fashionable shoes can cause foot pain and problems to occur. Many women overlook this pain for the joy they feel when wearing a pretty shoe. Over time, however, what started as discomfort can progress to pain that can limit activity. Identifying and treating foot pain before it becomes truly problematic will prevent it from becoming  larger issue in the future.

While foot and ankle pain affect both men and women, women have a tendency towards developing problems, such as:

A Morton's neuroma is an inflammation of a nerve in the ball of your foot. It occurs because of a compression of the nerve by the adjacent bones and ligament. Narrow shoes add to this pressure and causes the nerve to inflame more and cause more pain.
Stress fractures occur in women for two reasons. First, wearing shoes with high heels causes the center of gravity to shift forward, which increases stress on the forefoot. This pressure can cause the bone to fatigue and fracture, causing pain and swelling. Another reason is the formation of a calcium deficiency, osteopenia, or osteoporosis, all of which weakens the bone and makes it more susceptible to weakening and fracturing.

A bunion is a prominent bone on the side of the great toe joint. This leads to a painful bump forming and pain and pressure while wearing shoes. It can also result in less flexibility in the great toe joint, leading to joint pain when wearing shoes with a high heel. While some bunions need to be corrected with bunion surgery, when they are caught early the can be prevented from progressing. For this reason, don't wait to schedule an appointment to visit our office.

Similar to bunions, hammertoes form because of a mechanical instability and are made worse by shoes. The toes buckle up and contact the top of the shoe which can cause a corn to form. Again, when caught in early stages, non-surgical treatment can be effective, however more advanced cases may require surgery to correct.

If you are feeling pain in your foot or ankle, don't wait to schedule an appointment with the Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists. The foot and ankle specialists will be able to assess your condition and offer you the best solution to eliminating your pain, get you back to the activities that you want to do...and the shoes you want to wear.

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