Do Home Remedies for Plantar Warts Work?

Houston podiatrist does not recommende duct tape to treat plantar warts

There are many common over-the-counter remedies that might work. They have the best chances with a verruca that is you catch early. Some of them freeze the wart. Most of them use salicylic acid to destroy the wart tissue. Most people who I see in the office have tried at least one of these remedies. They became frustrated when they didn’t work.

There are so many home remedies that are suggested for treating warts. A popular one is using apple cider vinegar or lemon juice on the wart. Another is applying duct tape to the plantar wart. Some even advocate using liquid butane or clear nail polish on the plantar warts. I don’t recommend any of these. The chances of them working are small.


How Are Plantar Warts Removed?

Plantar warts have been traditionally treated through a number of means. Your doctor may suggest:

  • Cryotherapy – Freezing the wart
  • Salicylic Acid cream and other topical treatments
  • Chemotherapy treatments with cantharidin
  • Compounded prescription medication
  • Laser removal 
  • Surgical removal of the plantar wart. Let's face one wants surgery.

Why so many choices? Different therapies work for some people but not others. The goal is to destroy the wart tissue. This is done without damaging the healthy skin. Unfortunately, sometimes the healthy skin is damaged and leads to scarring. That scar can be as painful as the lesion itself was. And scars are forever.

Houston podiatrist uses Swift treatment for plantar warts and verrucaThere is a better solution.

We are pleased to be one of the first medical office in Houston to offer the Swift treatment for plantar wart removal. The Swift system uses microwaves energy applied to the verruca. This stimulates an immune response. The microwave energy heats up the adjacent water molecules to uncloak the viral tissue. This enables your immune system to fight the virus on its own. Other therapies have uncertainty about effectiveness and timeframe. Swift works in up to 3 sessions, spaced one month apart. It eliminates the frustration associated with treating plantar warts.

A session with Swift only takes a few seconds. It does not cause pain other than a minor bite at the end of the energy burst. There is no open wound. There is no scarring. You don’t even need a bandage afterwards. And you have no restrictions after you are treated. You can go for a run or swim. No problem.

I believe that Swift is the new gold standard for plantar wart removal. It even works for long-standing recalcitrant plantar warts. To learn more about this innovative therapy, contact my office.


Who Treats Plantar Warts?

Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider has been effectively treating plantar warts for over 20 years. He’s helped patients who have come in with a single lesion to those who had over 100 of them on one foot. That’s no exaggeration!! He’s so confident that the new Swift treatment for plantar warts is going to be a game changer. Contact Dr. Schneider for an immediate appointment. Get those plantar warts treated by a professional once and for all!