Lindsay Lohan Will Fire You if Your Shoes Don’t Match

These are the women who were threatened for wearing non-matching shoesIn the past, I’ve devoted space on this blog to women who are forced to wear high heels to work. As you can imagine, I’m totally against such policies. As is much of Canada—several Provinces have already enacted laws prohibiting employers from requiring uniforms that involve high-heeled shoes, and that is something I readily support.

Of course, here at home, no such laws exist, which is a fact that I find disheartening. But this latest story that I just came across takes things to an even lower level of shoe shame!

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is trying to once again re-invent herself as a club owner in Greece. She’s found investors and club goers and even has a number of staff in place. However, in a recent Instagram comment, she outed herself as the worst kind of boss.

After the club account for Lohan Beach House Rhodes posted a picture of two staff members, wearing short silky robes and super-high heels, Lohan commented on the picture, “Wear the same shoes please,” following up with a quick second post that said “or you’re fired.”

Now, lest anyone think her tyrannical tone was purely in jest, Lohan went on to clarify her words on Twitter, reply to a fan who thought she was kidding “totally serious.”

Granted, this incident may be one of the least concerning things about the young star’s life in the past few years, but, as a Houston podiatrist, I do have a few thoughts on the matter.

  1. These women were already being forced to stand all day in high heels, putting them at risk for foot pain, deformities and, of course, trips and sprains. Does she really need to add to their discomfort?
  2. No two women have exactly the same foot anatomy, so requiring all employees to wear matching shoes, even flats, could be problematic. A woman with a high arch, for example, could never feel comfortable in a shoe that fits a flat-footed colleague perfectly. A wiser, more supportive, policy would at most mandate shoe color, and leave shoe height, shape and style up to the individual.

Shoes are so often seen as fashion symbols and I get that notion, I really do, but when you’re forced to wear them all day, every day, they simply have to provide appropriate support. Requiring women to wear uncomfortable footwear to maintain their employment is simply un-American, if you ask me. Which I guess is why Lohan took her rules to Greece!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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