Lost Toe Leads to Katy Perry Law Suit

Perry's Prismatic Worl Tour, where the alleged toe-killing incident took placeOne of Katy Perry’s former stagehands has sued the pop star after a work-related accident caused a toe on her right foot to be amputated.

According to the suit, filed by Christina Fish, the woman was helping to moved a wall on the stage of Perry’s Prismatic World Tour in Raleigh, North Carolina, when the wall became stuck.

During efforts to get the wall moving again, it apparently became free and rolled over Fish’s foot. Fish alleges that, immediately, blood filled her shoe, but all the medical assistance she was offered at the time was a bag of ice. Fish claims that no one called an ambulance on her behalf, so she called a friend who drove her to a nearby hospital.

Despite the somewhat prompt medical attention, the toe developed gangrene and had to be amputated but first, Fish claims, she had to keep the dead toe attached for as long as possible so that the surgical amputation would go more smoothly.

If you want to see really really gross and extremely graphic pictures of Fish’s dead toe, follow this link (maybe do it before or well after meal time, though…)

Otherwise, please enjoy this pretty picture from Katy Perry’s world tour and always remember to wear proper protective foot gear when working with potentially damaging and/or heavy materials.

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