Man Beats World Record for Walking on Lego

Cassevah walks on 120 feet of Lego to beat the Guinness World RecordAnyone who’s ever stepped on a stray piece of Lego knows the unique type of pain this particular misstep can cause.  The reason it hurts so much to step on these little bricks is, as I’ve explained in other posts, because a: you have a TON of nerve endings on the bottom of your feet; b: the bricks are hard and resilient, so they put a lot of force back into your foot when you connect with them; and c: the sharp corners concentrate that force to create a supercharged dose of ouch!

Well, I just read an article that a man named Russell Cassevah, from Chesapeake, Virginia, broke the Guinness World Record for barefoot brick walking by stepping over 120 feet of Lego bricks. Apparently, the previous record was at 85 feet.

Now, fortunately, this guy wasn’t just a glutton for punishment. He made the record-breaking attempt on January 21 to raise funds for and awareness of Fairy Bricks, a charity that delivers Legos to sick children while they’re in hospital.

During Cassevah’s walk, which was live-streamed on YouTube, he admits “'My feet are literally shaking,'” but with the exception of an extremely runny nose, the man checked out completely healthy in his post-walk doctor’s exam.

I guess it’s a story of all’s well that ends well, but to all of you reading this who don’t have lofty goals of raising cash and breaking records, I suggest making sure your kids carefully pick up their Lego bricks at the end of each play session if you want to avoid this particular type of pain.

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