Scandal Spoiler Alert! Jake’s in Trouble…

Scott Foley ran on a sprained ankle and now he's in a bootAfter a far, far too long winter break without any new Scandal episodes airing on ABC, the hit show returned, with a particularly notable scene in which Scott Foley (otherwise known as Jake, one of Olivia’s two love interests) runs down the street, barefoot and wearing nothing but boxers.

While I won’t make you hate me by discussing anything else about the episode (in case, like me, your DVR is seriously backed up and you haven’t gotten to it yet) I will tell you this—all did not end well for Scott Foley after filming that scene.

The actor’s wife posted a Twitter pic of Foley wearing a walking boot and captioned the image: “BTW—aftermath of running with no shoes. On the street. #Scandal.” Apparently, he twisted his ankle while running down the stairs to film the scene. Instead of stopping to take a rest and have a podiatrist look at his ankle, Foley kept on filming, leaving him stuck in a walking boot for what I’d imagine will now be a weeks-long recovery.

Like Foley, so many people make the mistake of resuming normal activity after sustaining an ankle sprain. They (wrongly) assume that, if you can bear weight on your ankle, your injury isn’t that bad and you can just ‘walk if off.’ What people who try to self-treat an ankle sprain don’t realize is that, even if they did have a relatively minor injury, by continuing normal activity, they are likely exacerbating the problem. What could have been healed with a day or two or rest, ice and elevation then becomes a weeks-long recovery period with the type of immobilization that Foley now needs to wear.

Only a trained doctor can properly determine the full extent of your foot or ankle injury. If your ankle is hurting and you suspect it may be sprained, sit down and make an immediate appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider to prevent any further damage from occurring.

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