Victoria Beckham’s Got a Stress Fracture!

Victoria Beckham shows the results of her stress fracture on InstagramOver the years, I’ve been known to write a post or five on the topic of Victoria Beckham and her tireless devotion to high heels—I mean the woman even wears stilettos at her treadmill desk!

Well, now it seems (and please, please don’t take what comes next as a gloat or ‘I told you so’) that all that high-heel wearing has finally caught up with the Posh Spice.

After being spotted on crutches, sporting a walking boot on one foot and a kitten heel on the other, on Friday, rumors ran rampant that she’d finally had surgery to remove her bunions. (Likely exasperated by all those pointy-toed she wears but, again, I’m not here to judge.)

Sensing the swirling controversy, Victoria took to Instagram to clear up any confusion. Posing with two canes, one boot and—gasp—a sneaker, Victoria explained: “Thank you for all the lovely messages, a small stress fracture, just needs some rest! #itsnotideal”

A stress fracture is typically not caused by one traumatic event but rather by a series of small injuries over time…like the kind of pressure placed on your bones when your feet are thrown off balance by sky-high heels, perhaps?

Ok, ok…enough of the speculation and shoe-shaming. Regardless of her shoe selection and her seeming inability to smile on camera, Victoria is pretty fabulous and I wish her and her foot a speedy recovery!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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