3 Moves to Help with Heel Pain

Foot massage can help alleviate heel painWhen you wake up in the morning, step out of bed and let your feet touch the ground, do you experience a sharp, stabbing pain in your heel? Does this problem re-occur after you’ve been sitting in one spot for a long time? If so, there’s a good chance that you’re experiencing the pain of plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of a ligament that extends from the heel to the toes.

That’s the bad news—but here’s the good news! There are plenty of in-office treatments I can provide to alleviate this problem, include orthotic use, padding and strapping and the prescribing of medication, all of which are non-invasive.

Even better news? Here are three things you can try at home, between visits, to help alleviate the problem:

1) Quadruped Stretch: Get down on all fours, fanning your toes out flat on the floor. Gently lean back and sit on your heels until you feel the stretch between your heel and the balls of your feet. Hold 30 seconds and release. Repeat 3 times.

2) Foot Massage: Massage the bottoms of your feet. Start by pushing down the center of the foot from heel to toes. Then, using circular motions, apply more pressure where you feel the most knots to help relieve tension and improve blood flow to the area. Spend a few minutes on each foot.

3) Isolated Calf Raises: Stand with your left leg forward and your right leg behind you at a distance where your right heel is on the ground and your foot is flat. Lift up onto the ball of your right foot, stretching your foot and calf. Return your foot to the ground. Repeat 10-15 times, switch sides, aiming to complete three sets on each side of the body.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.