5 Types of Heels You Could Rock All Day

Even I can sign off on wearing a low-heeled bootie like this all day!Did you know that 71% of women site high-heel wearing as their biggest source of foot pain,  but 38% of women would continue to wear the shoes that were torturing their feet if they really liked them?

Crazy, right? Still, I understand the urge to wear what you love, so here are some high heels you can wear all day without hurting your feet as much as other pairs might. Remember to take these tips with a grain of salt, though…a supportive shoe is still better than even the comfiest of the pairs listed below: 

Chunky, Stacked Heels
This shoe provides a larger base so you can evenly distribute your weight. Plus, the sturdier the shoe, the less likely you are to wobble or sprain your ankle while walking.

Low Heels
Sky-high heels put too much pressure on the balls of your feet, ankles and knees. The lower the heel, the more natural your foot position will be, thereby eliminating a great deal of discomfort. Keep them under two inches if you can.

Round- or Open-Toe Ankle Boots
Ankle boots keep your foot secure, allow for adequate movement and, thanks to a roomier toe, prevent painful afflictions like bunions and hammer toes.

“Comfort” Pumps
Good-for-you shoe brands like NaturalizerClarks and Rockport have branched out to make high-heels twith reinforced heels, superior cushioning and flexible leathers that still look cute. Worth checking out

Platform are great because they raise the front of your foot closer to your heels, thereby alleviating the strain on the arch and the balls of your feet—meaning less Achilles problems and happier feet.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.