Cosmetic Foot Surgery is Not What It Seems

There has been much talk about women looking for cosmetic surgery on their feet in order to fit into the most stylish shoes. This video from ABC News discusses the recent trends in cosmetic foot surgery.


There always has been a misconception about what is exactly done with cosmetic foot surgery. Indeed, most foot surgery has a cosmetic component to it. Bunions, tailor's bunions, and hammertoes will always get in the way of fitting a woman's high-heeled shoe. Bunion surgery and tailor's bunion surgery will always narrow the foot. Surgery to correct a hammertoe will always shorten the toes.


That said, I strongly recommend against foot surgery unless there is pain from the condition. The feet have one important job, that is to allow you to walk and run without pain. If your feet are not currently causing you pain, surgery is probably not the answer.


If you have pain from bunions or hammetoes when you are wearing your favorite shoes, you do not have to suffer any longer. Schedule an appointment with Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider and see what it will take to provide relief.