These Bunion-Friendly Shoes Are Total Game Changers!

These shoes are a great option for large existing bunions, but you can stop bunion growth before you need special shoes!Bunions (those bony protrusions that develop beneath your big toe and, occasionally, beneath your baby toe) can be a major hassle when its time to choose a shoe. In fact, according to new research conducted by shoe developers, 97.3% of women with bunions have bought a pair of shoes for a special occasion, only to discard them due to discomfort after just one wearing! Who’s got time (or money) for that?

The same shoe company that conducted this research is now offering what they consider to be the perfect solution: their new shoe line, Sole Bliss shoes. Designed with an invisible stretch panel that supports and pads the bunion area of the foot, each pair of shoes also contains layers of memory foam cushioning in order to keep the remainder of the foot comfortable. The line offers a range of styles and sizes; most pairs sell for about $200.

While I must applaud the innovative design idea, and while I certainly approve of women wearing shoes that help make their feet feel good, I do want to point out that receiving early treatment for bunions can eliminate the necessity of purchasing a pricey pair of support shoes.

Bunions don’t form overnight; they grow and develop over time. If you see your podiatrist at the first notice of a change in your foot’s anatomy, it is possible to slow or stop the bunion growth before you reach the point where shoes don’t fit. Often, treatment can be completely non-invasive! So, if you’ve already noticed that your shoes are starting to fit differently, or if you’re experiencing any kind of foot pain, come in for a consultation as soon as possible. You just might save yourself a lot of pain (and hundreds of dollars, to boot!)

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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