Why High Heels, The Met Gala and CBD Cream Go Hand in Hand

Last night's Met Gala was certainly a campy experience: I mean, that topless photo from Miley Cyrus' getting ready routine? That's something that will have everyone talking for a bit. 

Of course, I could go on for hours about the fashion but I do have a foot-fueled point to this post. If you consider the fact that, underneath those lamp shade dressed, many of those women (and some men) had heels on for-ev-er. I'm guessing there were some pretty sore feet lining the halls for stealth selfies...or were there? 

Cannabidiol - a High Heel Lover's Secret Weapon

Recently CBD oils and creams have made their way into the spotlight as a high-heel loving celebrity's best friend. In fact, stars like Mandy Moore and Michelle Williams have been very vocal about their love for this product, which is derived from the marijuana plant but doesn't actually deliver a high like the controlled substance does (sorry to disappoint, y'all.) This CBD oil is loved by celebs because it keeps their feet from hurting in high heels!

So, what does CBD oil deliver? While CBD has been associated with several different health benefits, the one I'm focusing on is its pain-relief properties. When applied to your feet, CBD oil has the ability to numb the pain that you'd likely feel if you spent the entire evening, in high heels, at an overly-long galas like last night's Met Gala. 


Research also suggests that CBD oil can reduce inflammation and have a pain-minimizing effect similar to oral medication, which means it may help you find relief from general foot pain that appears when exercise, or even when you're just standing up or walking normally. 

CBD oil may also help reduce arthritis symptoms in your feet like tenderness, stiffness in the joints, pain and swelling--it may even improve your mobility. 

And, finally, some people report that applying CBD oil to a clean, unopened blister may help those little bubbles heal at a quicker rate (just be sure not to attempt to burst a blister on your own, as that leaves you vulnerable to infection!) 

Trying the CBD Trend at Home

I would never recommend walking around for hours in high heels on a regular basis, but I do understand that, every so often, it's a necessity. And when that is your reality, I don't see any harm in applying a little CBD cream to your feet (apparently the Lord Jones cream is a celebrity favorite.) And here's some extra good news. If you like shopping local, as I believe we all should, Houston got its first CBD oil supplier last September (The Original American Shaman store, on State Hwy 6 and Bissonet!)

CBD oil is also starting to pop up at more mainstream locations across the country (one of my team members recently spotted some on display at a CVS in San Diego), so if you want to jump on the foot-numbing bandwagon, take heart in knowing you will soon have a fairly wide variety of shopping options available to you--and the approval of your very own Houston podiatrist

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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