Your $4 Solution to High Heel Pain (Really!)

Taping your toes can help alleviate the pressure and pain of wearing high heelsWe all know that wearing high heels hurts your feet…but we also know that, sometimes, slipping into a pair of your most dizzying stilettos isn’t optional. For those foot-torturing occasions, check out this awesome pain-reducing hack from the folks over at Who What Wear: buy a roll of medical tape! It can solve some of the most pressing high heel problems, namely discomfort resulting from pressure and friction. Here’s how:

Friction: Stiff, pinchy high heels have a tendency to rub your feet, leaving you with plenty of blisters by the end of an evening.  While choosing shoes in more flexible materials—think fabric, not patent leather—may help, a great piece of artfully placed medical tape can mean the difference between a night that ends in blisters and one that finds you feeling blissfully friction-free all night long—the tape forms a protective barrier between your skin and the shoe.

Pressure: The ultra-high pitch of a stiletto puts tons of pressure on your feet, especially the ball of the foot and the toes. You often experience pressure-related pain due to a nerve that runs between your third and forth toes—it starts to throb from the weight of your off-kilter foot. To help alleviate the problem, simply tape your third and fourth toes together; just as splinting a broken bone alleviates the pain of the injury, taping your toes will take some strain off your nerve, make your shoes more comfortable to wear.

While there are plenty of hacks and quick fixes that make wearing high heels more bearable, there’s no denying that these shoes will damage your feet if your wear them all the time. Already dealing with the aftermath of a stiletto addiction? Schedule an appointment to see Dr. Andrew Schneider as soon as possible.
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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