A patriotic bald eagle made of your kids' hand and footprints!If thoughts of President’s Day have you feeling all patriotic (or freaking out about how to keep the kids and their busy little feet entertained over the break), don’t worry, I have you covered on both fronts! Just check out this great Patriotic Bald Eagle hand-and-footprint craft from Fun Family Crafts.



  • Brown, White and Orange Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue



  1. On brown construction paper, trace one of your child’s feet and both hands. Cut out the tracing, leaving the toes together.  
  2. Overlap the two hands and place the footprint on top (toes up.) Glue together.
  3. Cut out white squares and glue to toe section of footprint—these will form the Eagle’s bald head.
  4. Cut out feet and a beak from the orange paper and attach to the Eagle as shown.
  5. Place the googly eyes on the head. Now your craft is done!
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