Impress your neigh-bors with this kids' footprint horse craft!Anyone living with young children probably knows these two things to be fact: your kids feet will grow at an astounding rate and the noise level (and mess!) in your house can sometimes make you feel like you’re living in a barn.

So I got to thinking: why not embrace the farm life and turn your child’s footprint into sweet barnyard animals (Ok, I had a little inspiration from Pinterest as well…) Try out the projects and let me know what you think!

Footprint Pig

  • Paint your child’s foot pink and place the foot down on a piece of paper. Using a paintbrush and more pink paint, add details like ears and a curly tail. The heel of your child’s foot will be the pig’s head, the toes will be their feet.
  • Let paint dry.
  • After paint has completely dried, draw on eyes, a mouth and a snout with a black marker. Add your child’s name and the date to help capture the memory of their tiny footprint.


Footprint Horse

  • Paint your child’s foot brown, and make a print on paper at a slight angle, toes pointing up, heels down (the heel will be the horse’s nose/snout, the toes will be woven into the mane.) Let paint dry.
  • Once, dry, paint on ears and hair and, if you like, a lighter patch on the horse’s snout. Let paint dry again.
  • Using a marker, draw on additional details like a harness, mouth and nostrils. Add your child’s name and the date to the picture.

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