There’s a reason that baby feet are so treasured…from the moment we stamp those little prints on our child’s birth certificate, we can’t stop focusing on those perfect tootsies.

Is it any wonder, then, how many Valentine’s crafts for kids focus around their ever-growing little feet? Check out the buzz on this one from The Keeper of the Cheerios (you’ll get the joke in a minute!)


  • White Paper
  • Yellow Paint
  • Black Marker
  • Heart Sticker
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue or Tape



  1. Paint your child’s foot yellow and make a print on the page. Allow to dry.
  2. Using your black marker, draw wings, stripes, antennae and other details onto your ‘bee.’
  3. Glue your heart and googly eyes onto the paper. Draw in additional details as shown.
  4. Write your message and give someone a very special Valentine!
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