OMG, OMG, Halloween candy is already in stores (and did you SEE the new M&M and Oreo collaboration?! Epic!!) As the day comes closer , the ubiquitous bowls of candy corn will appear everywhere. It’s super-hard to resist at this time of year, and we give in to our kids’ requests for the sugary snacks even though we know that this type of treat puts all of us at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

In the candy-filled spirit of the season, here’s a healthier way you can indulge in Halloween candy corn, while also preserving a sweet memory of your child’s quickly-growing feet!

Candy Corn Footprints  (from Juggling with Kids)


-Paint (orange, yellow, white)

-Paint brush

-Black construction paper

-Letter stickers or a Sizzix die cutter

-Scrapbook paper



1. Print children’s footprints using acrylic paints onto black construction paper.

2. Cut them out and paste them onto orange scrapbook paper.

3. Using a Sizzix die cutter or sticky letters, spell out Happy Halloween.

4. Frame the image (optional) or photograph the painted foot to make a sweet greeting card.

Clearly, if we’re getting into foot craftery with our kids’ feet, they matter a lot to all of us, so it’s important  to remember that little feet should be pain free! If your son or daughter is experiencing any kind of foot pain, schedule an appointment with your Houston podiatrist so you can treasure those little tootsies instead of worrying about them!

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