The finished result is perfect for holiday wear!Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away? If you’re looking for a distraction from all the menu planning and cooking you’ll have to do, or if you’re not hosting this year and have tons of time on your hands, why not try this fun craft that commemorates the imprint of your child’s precious foot, while also giving you some festive conversation starters to wear at your meal.

Footprint Turkey Shirts (adapted from


  • light colored sweatshirt or t-shirt
  • acrylic paints in red, yellow, brown, white and black
  • paper plaints for holding paint
  • stick on googly-eyes
  • yellow circle sticker


  1. Insert cardboard or other thick paper into your shirt so it will not stick together.
  2. Help your child rub his or her hand in red paint and make 3 handprints in a fan pattern. Wash hands and let paint dry.
  3. Repeat procedure using yellow paint making 2 handprints this time. Wash hands and let paint dry.
  4. Now repeat procedure with brown paint and child's FOOT. Make sure the heel is pointing up on the shirt so you can make the turkey's head with the heel and with the child's toes make the turkey's feet. Wash child's foot and let paint dry.
  5. Now finish the turkey's eyes with 2 black googly eyes or stickers. Add a beak of a yellow circle.

At this time of year we give thanks for the good things in our lives, and one of those things should be the ability to enjoy your life free of foot pain. If you or your little one is experiencing foot, toe or ankle discomfort, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider as soon as possible so we can get you feeling better before the holiday season. 

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