The perfect craft for a Super Bowl party with lots of little feet!Hurray for football being back...but boo for my favorite team losing last night.

There was a lot to talk about at last night's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Social justice, socially distanced fans in the was ALMOST enough to distract from my home team taking a crushing loss. 

So, have you recovered from The Texans' defeat! I'm always SUPER excited for game days, but that was a rough one! Especially since I've waited so, so long to see them play. I mean, without a pre-season, I've had no preparation for that defeat!

But I'm a healer by nature. So I'm not going to dwell on losses. Instead, to help you and your little ones try and get psyched for what could be a rough few weeks for the team, why not try out this awesome Football Footprint Craft from A Teacher at Heart. Touchdown! Heck, it's a great way to keep busy on closer-to-home weekends. Plus, if you're homeschooling, you can now check art class off your daily to-do list. All in just a few minutes, and with very few supplies. 

Easy DIY Kids Football Art Project 

Ready to get started with this simple arts and crafts project for kids of all ages? Here's what you'll need: 

Supplies Needed:

  • Brown Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • White Paint
  • Card Stock
  • Black Paint pen or Sharpie

Instructions (so easy, you can keep one eye on the kids and one on the score!)

1. Paint a foot brown.
2. Make a print on the page and let dry.
3. Add 3 white stripes
4. Outline with Sharpie
5. Hit the snack table and get back to the action!

Did you notice that your little one seemed uncomfortable while you were getting into this project? Don't shake off the problem: kids' foot pain is not just a normal part of growing up. Many kids WON'T outgrow foot pain. And long term, this discomfort could stop your kids from running and playing the way they should. 

Don't let that happen to your little one. From flat feet to toe-walking and the heel pain of Sever's disease, your Houston kids' podiatrist is here to help. But remember, little kids won't always have the words to explain their foot pain. So here are some ways to spot a developing foot problem in very young children

How to Spot Foot Problems in Young Children  kids foot pain means a trip to the podiatrist

Very young children can't tell you they have leg and foot pain. But they can sure show you there's a problem! After all, little kids may not understand what they are feeling. They just know something feels off when they walk or run. You may be annoyed when these little ones whine that their feet hurt. Or when they take things further, and just sit down in the grocery store because they don't want to walk anymore.

Sometimes, the problems aren't even a protest. Little kids with sore feet may try to walk. But they are clumsy, and keep tripping and falling over their own feet. In other words, bruised knees could be a sign or sore feet. 

The problems may stay as kids get older. Especially if you don't get help. Older kids could stick to non-athletic activities to avoid foot pain.  They kids may think they're bad at sports. But really, they just need foot pain relief. One sure sign that's the problem? Kids with foot problems often "duck walk." That means their feet point away from each other as they walk. So they seem to waddle. 

Now, here's the million dollar question. Will kids grow out of their foot pain? And, the answer is: only sometimes. It is possible to outgrow some foot conditions. But this can take months or even years. And, while some issues appear to resolve, they're actually just changing. Issues you thought went away could pop back up when your kids are fully grown. And that can lead to bunions, hammertoes, and heel spurs.

I'm a parent. And you and I both know we want to do better for our kids. We want to keep them comfortable. Not to set them up for years of foot pain and health conditions. 

What does that mean for your family? If your child complains about any pain at all, it's time to get them in for an appointment. Your best bet is to visit a pediatric foot and ankle specialist like Dr. Andrew Schneider. Even now, we can offer you an immediate appointment so your son or daughter can get off the sidelines and back into action! 

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