Foot Craft Friday: Crafting with Sand


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Creating the actual sand mould of your child's footSchool's out and, recently, I’ve found myself dreaming of days when I can get back to the beach and relax in the sun. Of course, I’m usually too busy taking care of your children’s feet to make it to the beach, anyways, but a podiatrist can dream, can’t he?

Anyways, for this week’s post, I found a great craft on Paging Fun Mums that melds my longing for sand and sun with my professional passion for treasuring your little ones’ footprints. Hope you enjoy!

Sand Footprint Molds


◦An old sheet or plastic tablecloth (to protect your work surface).

◦A photo frame big enough to fit the number of prints you wish to use.


◦Plaster of Paris (you can find this at most craft & discount stores).

◦Water for making the plaster

◦Cardboard to smooth the sand (grab some from your recycling)

◦Spray on sealer



1. Cover your work surface to catch the sand and any drips of plaster

2. Remove the cardboard backing off the frame and carefully discard the glass from the frame (this will not be needed). Place the cardboard backing over the front of the frame and flip it over to create a nice box that you will then fill with sand. Use a flat piece of cardboard to level the sand off at the line where the glass used to sit (the first inside groove).

3. Carefully stamp each foot into the sand to make a nice impression. Once you’re happy with the imprints, follow packet instructions to mix the plaster of paris.

4. Gently and slowly pour the mixture over the sand, starting in one corner and covering the whole inside of the frame. Use the cardboard to level the mixture, but don’t press down too firmly.

5. Let plaster to set as per directions on packet – this will take several hours. Once you’re sure it’s set, remove the cardboard from the front, tip the frame over and dust off excess sand. Allow a little more drying time then spray with sealer.

This project is a little more complex than my usual offerings, but I think you’ll find the resulting keepsake to be well worth the effort. Treasure your children’s little feet daily and, if they start to hurt, bring them in to see Dr. Schneider!

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