This sweet Minion craft will have you jabbering gibberish in no time!Many of the foot print craft ideas I share on this blog (you can find all of them on my Pinterest page) are geared towards parents of smaller children, but just because your children’s feet are growing so quickly doesn’t mean you still can’t capture their memory in an art project!

This week’s Despicable Me themed idea from Crafty Morning will appeal to older and younger kids alike, since Minions seem to inspire a giggle in children (and adults) of all ages. Hope you enjoy!

Minion Foot Craft Project


  • White Paper
  • Yellow and Blue Washable Paint
  • Black Sharpie
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue


What You’ll Do:

  1. Start by painting your child’s foot with yellow paint, covering the whole thing. Have them step on the piece of white paper and press down hard.
  2. Let the yellow paint dry then afterwards paint the bottom part of the child’s foot blue. Line it up with the yellow footprint and press down again.
  3. Take a paintbrush and draw two straps for their overalls. Add two yellow arms out the sides as well!
  4. Once everything is dry, take a black sharpie and draw some hands, hair, a mouth, and the Minion’s goggle strap. Last but not least, add one or two big googly eyes to finish him!
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