Happy you will be making this awesome foot print craft with your kidsYesterday was May the Fourth, so, Star Wars lover that I am, I just couldn't resist re-sharing this incredible footprint craft with you and all your small-footed jedis and Padawans. Be sure to show us your version of this project from The Pinterested Parent on our Facebook page!  


  • Various Colors of Paint
  • Brushes of Several Sizes
  • Pictorial Inspiration (as illustrated at right)


  1. Choose your favorite Star Wars character (this will let you know which base color to go with.)
  2. Paint your child’s foot and make a toes-down print on the page.
  3. Add character details as desired, making the heel the character’s head.
  4. Try yoda, R2D2, Chewy…go for as many as your child will allow!
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