Show your kids' appreciation with this foot print trophy craft. Makes a great gift!When you’re little, your life is full of trophies: finished the soccer season? Here’s a trophy. Passed to a new swim level? Have another for the collection.

For us older—i.e. grown up—folks? Not so much. Which is why a foot print trophy craft (like the one I found on The Pinterested Parent) is the perfect mother’s, father’s, or just-because-I-love-you day gift for your child to hand out. Hope you enjoy!


  • Red, Yellow, Blue and Black Paint
  • Marker, if desired
  • Frame, if desired


  1. Paint your child’s foot yellow and make a toes-up print on your paper.
  2. Add handles coming from the baby and big toe joint of the print down to just above the foot arch.
  3. Add trophy base detailing and allow to try.
  4. Draw or paint on #1 in the mid-foot area and add award title—“Best Daddy” is pictured in the example” onto base area.
  5. Frame and gift as desired.
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