This version of a classic turkey craft makes your kids' feet the main attraction!Pretty much every one in existence knows that you can make an adorable Turkey craft for Thanksgiving using your child’s foot as the turkey’s body and his or her hand prints as the tail. In fact, your closet is probably filled with crafts just like I’ve described.

I’m all about tradition, but I also love the idea of putting a modern twist on the classics, which I why I got really excited when I came across a variation on this project on Pinterest. Try it out and let me know: are you a turkey craft purist or did you enjoy mixing it up this year?

Thanksgiving Turkey with Foot Print Tale


  • White and Brown Paper
  • Red, Orange and Yellow Paint
  • One (or more) little feet


  1. Cut out one medium sized circle and one small circle from the brown paper. Glue the larger circle to the white paper, then glue the smaller circle, allowing a little overlap between the two. The smaller circle is the turkey’s head, the larger is its body.
  2. Paint your child’s foot with one color, and make several prints fanning out behind the turkey’s body. Repeat with additional colors/additional children.


Happy Turkey Day everyone! I’m thankful to all of you for keeping up with these blogs and for allowing me to keep your kids’ feet feeling great!

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