Try out this bear-y cute footprint craft with your little ones!If you asked me, two of the best things about being a parent are sharing favorite stories with your kids and watching their amazing progress as they grow from tiny humans into full fledged adults—perfect little feet and all.

That’s why I love this craft project I found on the House of Burke blog—it’s a sweet footprint craft projects that pairs perfectly with that old childhood favorite, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! Try it out and share the finished product with me!

Bear Footprint


  • Paper
  • Brown Paint
  • Brown Marker
  • Brown Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes



  1. Paint your child’s foot brown and have him or her make a print in the middle of your paper. Let dry.
  2. Cut out an oval-shaped piece of brown construction and glue to the paper (around the arch of your child’s foot.)
  3. Next, glue on two googly eyes right at the back of the heel.
  4. Draw on two ears on either side of the heel and a nose, mouth and whiskers beneath the googly eyes. Share and enjoy!
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