Footcraft Friday: Sailing Craft


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The finished footprint sailboat!Does summer 2018 have you dreaming about hitting the water for a lovely family sail ( if so, don’t forget boat shoes for your little ones, as fungal infections like athlete’s foot run rampant on wet surfaces like boat and pool decks.)

Why not gear up for the excitement (real or imagined) with this adorable footprint sail boat craft, guaranteed to preserve the memory of your little one’s quickly-growing feet. Thanks to Crafty Morning for the craft inspiration!

Footprint Sailboat

Materials Needed:

• Paint


•White cardstock paper

• Black Marker

•One little Foot (of course!)


1. Start by painting your child’s footprint with red paint and stamp it on a piece of white cardstock paper. I like to use cardstock paper because normal construction paper wrinkles when it dries.

2. Draw a line and paint in the sails with blue paint. Use their fingerprints to make a flag at the top and add water/sun in the background to finish it!

This craft is fun and easy, but figuring out what’s causing your child’s foot pain isn’t always that simple. That’s where I come in: if it hurts when your little one walks, runs or plays, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider right away!

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