Ready to ring in winter? Try out this sweet Penguin footprint craft!Houston summers can start to feel ENDLESS…and let’s be honest, the fall isn’t that much better. Dreaming of a cooler climate? Try out this Penguin Footprint Craft from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, and capture the memory of your little one’s quickly growing feet. Hope you enjoy!


  • black finger paint
  • glue stick
  • googly eyes
  • washi tape from dollar tree
  • black sharpie
  • orange construction paper
  • white cardstock


  1. Paint your child’s foot in black paint and press it against the white paper.  (Keep paper towels and wipes close by to clean off the foot.)  Then the footprint dry.  
  2. Take the sharpie and trace the footprint to give it a better shape and include the open white spot, around the arch of your child’s foot, to stand in as the penguin’s belly. Draw in wings and let the fun begin.
  3. Use the washi tape, googly eyes, and orange construction paper.  Use the washi tape for the scarf, the orange construction paper as a beak and glue on the googly eyes.  Then take the green sharpie to add earmuffs. Continue to decorate as desired.

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