Can you believe it’s officially almost fall? School is truly back in swing and, here in Houston, we can almost dream of a slight dip in temperature. In celebration of the season, why not try this fall themed kids’ footprint craft I found on The Keeper of the Cheerios blog?

Footprint Corn


  • Yellow Paint
  • White Paper
  • Green Paper
  • Green Crayon
  • Glue
  • Scissors


1. Paint your childs foot yellow and print it onto the white paper twice (you may need to add more paint before the 2nd printing)
2. Let it dry
3. Cut out the footprints
4. Cut out corn leaves from the green paper and a stem
5. Color the corn leaves with a green crayon
6. Add corn kernel details to the footprints.
7. Glue the leaves onto the footprints.
8. Display and enjoy.

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