The finished footprint keepsake is mantle-worthyIf you’re like me, at one point or another, you’ve spent a fortune on family photos, only to find that all but one frame from the shoot is unusable. And then you’ve paid hundreds of dollars to cover the session and order the only-so-so prints.

Here’s a great alternative from The Realistic Mama: a yearly framed keepsake capturing the prints of the whole family’s feet! Read on and enjoy:


  • Colored Ink Pads or Paint
  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Picture Frame


1. Choose a different color stamp pad for each person in the family or go with the same color for everyone.

2. First, blot your own foot with an ink pad till it’s completely covered and then stamp it on a white sheet of paper. (You can also use paint to paint your foot if you don’t have a ink pad.) Then help everyone else stamp their feet as well. Stamped twice to ensure full coverage.

3. Carefully cut around the footprints, leaving a small white edge to help with the dimension when you stack them. Stack them (smallest on top, largest on the bottom) glue them, add the year and you’re ready for a frame.

4. Repeat yearly for an incredible visual reminder of your children’s growth.

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