The perfect winter kid craft: a foot print penguin!As a Houston podiatrist, I commit, each and every year, to making sure that foot pain never keeps your kids’ growing feet  from the business of childhood: running, playing and having fun.

It's that goal that inspires me to share my weekly foot print craft with all of you: I love finding ways for you to capture those all-too-brief moments when our kids' little appendages are tiny. To cool off your summer and keep kids busy even if the heat is keeping you stuck inside, I'm sharing a perfect chilled-out craft this week that I found on Meet the Dubiens. If you try it out, please give us a glimpse of your sweet results on my Facebook page. Here's to a happy and calm end of summer vacation!

Footprint Penguin


Black, white, and orange paint
Paint brush
Googly eyes


1. Paint your child’s foot black and stamp on the paper. Allow to dry.

2. Using your black paint, paint some wings on your penguin

3. Using your white paint, paint a body on your penguin

4. Paint on an orange beak

5. Glue on 2 googly eyes

Hope you enjoy this one—feel free to share pics of your finished projects on our Facebook or Pinterest pages.

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