The finished sun would make great nursery artIt’s one thing to talk about our kids as the lights of our lives, but it’s another to say it with crafts. This week, I’m sharing a foot craft project, found on Preschool Activities, that gives you a great way to show your kids how much they matter (and the finished product would make great wall art for a child’s room!)

Foot Print Sun Craft


  • White Canvas
  • Yellow Paint
  • Black Sharpie
  • Plate
  • Paint Brush


  1. Starting at the bottom left hand corner of your canvas, use a paintbrush to paint the body of the sun to appear as though it were setting off the page. Let dry.
  2. Next, paint your little one’s right foot and have him or her make prints all along the round edge of the sun. These will be the rays.
  3. If desired, write a sweet saying in the white space on the top right. As pictured, we tried “You Are My Sunshine.” If working with more than one child, consider writing each little one’s name on their footprint ray.
  4. Frame if desired or let hang as is.

Kids need to play outside in the sun in order to cut loose and explore their world. If their feet hurt, they can’t do their important work of playing. If you are concerned about discomfort in your child’s feet, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider immediately! Foot pain is NOT a normal part of growing up, so your kids shouldn’t have to deal with it.

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