Easter is around the corner and that means you can expect to see lots of bunny crafts coming home from school. Want a DIY project with a different twist? Try this Paper Plate Bunny with Footprint Ears from One Krieger Chick. It would make an awesome center piece for your kids table on Easter!

Try this bunny craft with your kids--it would make great spring or Easter decor!Supplies

  • painted footprints
  • background paper
  • paper plate
  • marker
  • adhesive and embellishments



1. Paint footprints.

2. Cut around footprints and tape to back side of paper plate where ears would go.  

3. Embellish face with button eyes glued to blue ovals made from scrap paper.  Add heart nose and draw whiskers
and other facial features, if desired.

4. Enjoy the cuteness in your Spring decor!
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