This sweet project is a hilarious twist on an old favorite craft for ThanksgivingAs a father-of-three and a Houston podiatrist, I can’t tell you how many footprint turkey crafts I’ve seen each Thanksgiving. Having said that, I absolutely fell in love with this playful twist on this tried-and-true holiday craft that I found on Crafty Morning. Hope you all enjoy as well…gobble gobble!

Silly Personalized Turkey Footprint Craft for Kids

Materials Needed:

  • Brown, orange, and yellow washable paint
  • Photo of child’s face
  • Brown and green construction paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors/glue


1.     Paint your little ones' feet and stamp them on a white piece of paper in a fanned out shape, alternating colors.

2.     Once they are dry, cut the white/green paper to outline it.

3.     Add an oval piece of brown paper for the turkey’s body and add feather detail with a marker.

4.     Find a picture of your kiddo with a funny face and glue it on top of the turkey’s head.

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