Footcraft Friday: Seal the Deal


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How sweet is this seal-themed kids footcraft?Often, I have a reason why I decide to share a particular footprint kids craft each Friday—maybe it’s tied to an approaching holiday, maybe it’s seasonally appropriate.

This week, I’m sharing a Footprint Seal Craft I found on Preschool Activities for no other reason than I loved it as much as I love taking care of your children’s feet so they can walk, run and play free of pain—just as they should! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  • Paper
  • Brown Paint
  • Brown Marker



  1. Paint your child’s foot brown. Place foot on paper to make toes-down print. Let dry.
  2. Using your child’s heel as the face, and toes as the bottom, paint on arms, feet and a tail. Let dry.
  3. Using a marker, draw in details like eyes, a nose, whiskers, claws etc. as desired.
  4. Save and treasure their swiftly-growing feet!
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