This pretty peacock is the perfect way to capture your kids' footprintsEvery parent finds their child’s little footprint simply beautiful…just as almost no one can deny the beauty of a peacock’s feathers. Put the two together and you may just have the most stunning kids craft idea ever!

Hope you enjoy this Hand and Footprint Peacock craft from Rockabye Butterfly:


  • Blue, Green and Yellow Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper


  1. Paint your child’s foot blue and toes yellow and make a footprint towards the bottom center of the page.
  2. Next, paint your child’s hand green and have him or her make a bunch of prints, each slightly overlapped, fanning up and around the footprint. Let handprints dry.
  3. Paint the tip of your child’s finger blue, and have him or her make a dot in the center of each handprint.
  4. Finally, paint in facial features, head feathers and any other details in yellow. Let dry, frame and enjoy!
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