These prints are a perfect way to show our troops how much we appreciate their sacrifices!Memorial Day is this Monday and I think that now, more than ever, it is crucial to teach our children how much we owe to our armed forces. To that end, why not salute the troops (and treasure your child’s precious feet) with this Army, Navy and Air Force Footprint Craft from The Keeper of the Cheerios.


  • Multiple Paint Colors: Blue, White, Grey, Black, Brown, Green and Tan
  • Black markers
  • Three pieces of white paper or canvas
  • A long black cardboard strip for mounting


  1. The trickiest part of this craft is getting the right color mix in the footprint. While we painted the foot for the navy print a solid blue, the army and air force prints were multi-colored. To achieve this effect, simply put random splotches of color all around your child’s foot (green, brown and tan for army, blue, grey and black for air force.)
  1. Once you have the desired mix of colors, start making your prints—a sideways print for navy with toes pointing to the right, a left pointing print for the army and a diagonal print for the air force. Let prints dry
  1. Once dried, draw in boat, tank and airplane details around the prints as pictured. Add additional details to you/your child’s liking.
  1. Once dry, mount on strip and gift to your favorite service member, or simply hang in your home as a salute to the troops!
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