Take your kids feet under the sea without ever leaving home!Does your little one dream of life under the sea? Why not do your best to make that hope come to life with this adorable Hand and Footprint Mermaid Craft I saw on Pinterest and couldn’t resist re-pinning? (And while you’re making dreams come true, help kids walk pain free with a visit to Dr. Andrew Schneider!)


  • Paper
  • Paint of several different colors
  • Black marker
  • Sparkles, beads jewels or any other embellishments



  1. Paint your child’s foot in the bright color of his or her choice and make a print on the page, toes facing. This will be the mermaid’s tail (add fins at the heel in the same color as the print.) If working with several children, choose several different colors for the prints.
  2. Now, paint your child’s hand with a flesh color for the palm and a different color for the fingers and thumb. Make a handprint an inch or two above the toes of the footprint.
  3. Using the same color as you did on your child’s palm, paint in a torso, neck and arms. Let dry.
  4. Embellish your mermaid with eyes, nose and mouth. Your tail can be decorated with darker paint dots as pictured or go nuts and bedazzle, sparkle or jewel it for an added touch of flair.
  5. Write your child’s name and the date beside the finished mermaid to forever capture this fleeting moment in her or his foot history.
  6. Frame if desired.
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