You could even say this shiny-nosed reindeer craft glows! In the past, I’ve taught you how to turn your child’s footprint into a precious reindeer-themed Christmas card, but, seeing as how everyone’s favorite reindeer is Rudolph, I just couldn’t resist sharing this special craft from Happy Hooligans, made extra festive by the red pom-pom nose on the arch of those precious little feet!

Footprint Reindeer Christmas Cards


  • card stock or construction paper
  • brown paint
  • red pom-pom (or red paint)
  • brown marker
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • styrofoam tray (or something to hold the pour the brown paint into)


1. To start, squirt some brown paint on to a styrofoam produce tray.  Spread the paint around the tray with a paintbrush, and then have your little crafter press his or her foot into it.

2. Next, press the painted foot on to a folded piece of white card stock to make the footprint Rudolph. Let the footprint dry while you wash off all the paint.

3. Next, use a paintbrush to put a bit of glue on the googly eyes and pom-pom nose.

4. Don't have pom-pons? Don't worry! Your child can dip his or her thumb into some red paint and press that on for the nose. Then you’ll have a thumbprint-footprint card!

5. Finish by adding some antlers with a brown Sharpie.

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