These watermelon footprints make for perfect summer greeting cards!What’s better than summer watermelon’s? Tiny, little baby feet made to look like them! Check out this juicy-cute craft from Spot of Tea Designs and enjoy the season’s sweetness for years to come!

Watermelon Craft


•    Finger Paints
•    Seeds
•    Acrylic Glue
•    Little Feet
•    Paint brushes


  1. Paint on the pink juicy part of the fruit with a regular paintbrush. Stop around the middle of your child’s foot and use a rounded edge.
  2. Next, paint the watermelon’s green rind over the toes and ball of the foot.
  3. Press your child’s foot down onto the paper and make a little footprint. As the prints dry, add some acrylic glue in areas to attach seeds.
  4. Optional: cut out prints and create cute summer cards as pictured!
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