Here's Why I’m Loving this New Gadget for High Heel Addicts


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So, there’s one thing I know for sure. No matter how often I blog about the toll high heels take on your feet, many of you will keep wearing them. And…many of you will also find yourselves hobbling around a party, barefoot and hurting, heels in hand, after a long evening on stilettos. It’s bad enough that you’re barefoot, leaving your feet vulnerable to cuts and infections. But now those shoes you’re holding are keeping you from carrying a cocktail…not so festive, amiright? Well, that’s where this handy new invention I’m loving comes into play. Check out what’s bound to top your holiday gift list ASAP!

There’s A New Accessory for Your High Heels 

So this brilliant new invention is called My Shoe Bae. Similar to a keychain, it hooks your high heels securely onto a purse, belt or even yourself (or a very understanding friends.) How does it work? You simply weave your shoe straps into the small clip and set of rings inside and snap it shut. Now, your heels can just hang out! And the best part? List little gizmo is no larger than a quarter!  

As much as I love this product, I love its back story even more.  Creator Julie Richardson admits that she was always the woman “who had her shoes off, standing on the pavement or sidewalk, in front of the taco truck.” Then, on the New Year’s Eve of 2017, the mom/inventor decided she’d had enough of forgetting or toting her heels. So she came up with a better solution: fastening her heels together with hair ties, then attaching them to her handbag using bobby pins. 

Once she rang in the New Year, she went home and developed a prototype for My Shoe Bae. She even left her job to completely commit to her new gadget’s development. After two years of hard work, My Shoe Bae launched this fall. It’s now available for $14.99 via her website, but Richardson says she hopes to eventually sell via other online retailers.

Another Solution to High Heel Pain

Now, I hate to wrap up this love-filled post with an “I told you so” note, but…podiatry. So, I’m simply asking you to consider two things. If you buy My Shoe Bae so you can ditch your heels when they start to hurt, would you consider slipping a comfier change of shoes into your bags so you don’t go barefoot the rest of the night? That would be so great (and make it way less likely that you end up in my office with a nasty foot fungus.)

Or (and I know this is a crazy thought) skip the funky gadgets altogether and just wear shoes that don’t hurt your feet. Even if they look fabulous wouldn’t you rather dance the night away, pain-free, than show up in a briefly-fabulous look, only to lose the heels in a matter of hours? It’s just something to consider. Happy holidays, (and happy, comfy, holiday parties) everyone!


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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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